Volkswagen Shifting




Volkswagen Shifting




A quick shift kit is pretty low cost and will shorten your shift throw in your VW.  But if your bushing are shot and your shifter is loose, that looseness will be magnified.

Custom Shifter

This can give a nice customized look and feel to your auto and can even improve shifting if you get a quality shifter.  Unfortunately, most of these shifters are junk and may make shifting worse.


The original Hurst shifter and Gene Berg shifters are the best around.  Unfortunately  the old Hurst shifters have been out of producation for some time and the Gene Berg shifters are ridiculously expensive.


The Stock shifters are fine and the Scat Shifters are a popular upgrade.


Empi brand shifters can be problematic, but can be modified to work well.  Many VWers advise to avoid anything from Empi.



Engraved & Maltese Cross Shift Knobs

How to fix your Scat DragFast shifter

Bug Tech Shifter



Shift Rod Coupler and Bushing

Shifting with a VW can feel a little loose for those not used to driving a older VW.  And if your VW still has the original shift rod bushings, more than likely they are loose and are causing a lot of play in your shifter.  This can also cause the "2nd gear grind" where your transmission isn't sure if you are shifting into 2nd or reverse.


For worn out shifter bushings, you will need to replace your shift coupler, shift rod bushing and take a look at your shifter for excessive wear.  And when you are done, driving will be so much better.


The trick to getting the rod bushing on is to remove the shift rod.  Clean and grease the rod.  Insert the new bushing into the shifting rod guide hole.  Slide the split ring bushing spring over the rod and carefully start it into the bushing.  Once started it should slide relatively easy if you keep the rod parallel to the ground.  After you check to see if you can get your rear coupler back on and connected to the transmission, it's time to work the spring on the bushing.  One trick is to use a single set of small pliers to get the snap ring to open up and get the ends to line up and lock "open".  If you are able to do this, you can carefully slide it over the bushing and snap it closed.  This may take two pairs of needle nose pliers and a lot of patience.  You can also try locking the split ring open prior to passing the shift rod through the bushing.



Beetle Shift Rod Bushing Replacement

Shift rod bushing - how to?



Clutch Cable Tube

The clutch cable tube is located in the center tunnel of your VW.  It is attached at three points (front by pedals, middle by e-brake lever and in the rear at the sift rod coupler access) and can actually break loose at one or more of these points.  If it does, you may notice a clunking noise when you push in the clutch and release, or not be able to fully disengage your clutch even after you have removed all of the free play from the cable.


This job will require some drilling into the tunnel and welding, unless you want to get fancy with some custom brackets.



Pedal Stuff and Clutch Tube Re-attachment

1969 Clutch Tube Middle Mount Repair Started

about to reweld clutch tube




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