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Volkswagen Maintenance



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VW Maintenance Schedule

These are the minimum recommended maintenance intervals recommended for VWs that are used on a daily basis.  If you only drive your VW on occasion, you may be able to stretch out some of these checks, but if you really love you VW and want to extend its usable life, you may want to perform some of these procedures more often than recommended.  If you drive in dusty areas, idle or drive at low speeds for extended periods or drive for short distances (less than four miles) in below freezing temperatures, shorter maintenance intervals are also recommended.


Miles: 250 3000 6000 12,000 30,000
Schedule: Weekly Monthly 6 Months Yearly  
Check engine oil level X        
Check windshield washer fluid X        
Check brake fluid level X        
Check tire pressure X        
Lubricate the chassis   X      
Check and adjust engine drive belt   X      
Inspect/replace wiper blades     X    
Check clutch freeplay     X    
Inspect underhood hoses     X    
Rotate the tires     X    
Adjust valves     X    
Inspect brakes     X    
Service air filter       X  
Service fuel filter       X  
Inspect fuel system       X  
Check compression       X  
Replace spark plugs       X  
Replace ignition points & condenser       X  
Inspect spark plug wires       X  
Inspect distributor cap and rotor       X  
Check/adjust engine idle speed       X  
Check/adjust ignition timing       X  
Check transaxle lubricant level       X  
Inspect suspension and steering       X  
Inspect exhaust system       X  
Check and repack wheel bearings         X
Change transaxle lubricant         X


For VWs without an oil filter, oil should be changed every 1,000 miles.

For VWs with an oil filter, oil should be changed every 3,000 miles.



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