Volkswagen Fuel Injection




Volkswagen Fuel Injection



If you aren't afraid of a little technology, then fuel injection is great once it is set up.


Several companies make "bolt on" systems that will fit a VW.  These may require a bit of drilling, welding of the O2 sensor and setup of a second fuel line.  The downside of these setups is the high initial cost and the fear of technology.


There is also a following of DIYers who put together their own setups.  This will require a secondary fuel line, electric pump, pressure regulator, O2 sensor (generally), throttle body, throttle body sensor, injectors, a computer and a good deal of imagination, understanding of fuel injection and fabrication skills.  There are also DIY kits to make this much easier and MegaSquirt has made it much easier for the DIYer looking for the ultimate fuel management system.



It's cooler and simpler than you think.



The Samba - fuel injection conversion

Mario's Conversoin Kit

The Samba - fuel injection for non competition

CB Performance Quick Tune EFI System




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