Volkswagen Body




Volkswagen Body



The VW body is pretty strong and light for what it is but there are several things you can do to modify your VW for greater offroad prowess. 



Fiberglass Body Mods

Fiberglass body parts are generally what make a "Baja" stand out visually.  There are many options out there. Many VWers use fiberglass body part to lighten their autos, replace rusted body parts or to better fit larger and/or wider tires.  The ultimate body lightening involves removing all of the body sheet metal and running a fiberglass Buggy tub.


Mark V Fiberglass Baja and Street Fiberglass

Creative Car Craft Wider Street fenders and other glass - picture of Water Bug

Kar Tek Body Panels

VW Innovations


New beetle dune buggy ??? Mexican/South American Bodies



Metal Body Mods

The first Baja bugs had all metal bodies.  The fenders were trimmed to allow for greater travel with lager tires.  Metal mods are less popular these days with the great availability of fiberglass parts.


all-steel baja frankenfenders/hood




There are a number of ways to upgrade your mirrors to be off road ready.  Some use metal tubing to create mirror brackets that will withstand hits from brush.  Others have used Ford truck brackets which will fold when hit.


The Samba - Baja Mirror Mounts

Pacific customs - Offroad Mirror Mount




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