Volkswagen 4x4




Volkswagen 4x4



There are a number of ways to convert a rear wheel drive VW into a four wheel drive VW ... and all are challenging.  Some options involve grafting a VW 4x4 drivetrain into the "stock" setup.  Other versions involve a body off conversion to a 4x4 system donated by another vehicle.  And the "easiest" approaches involve fitting a VW body over a working 4x4 chassis (Jeep, Subaru, etc).


De Konjel Using custom box frame,T3 Vanagon Syncro and an Audi motor.

1968 VW beetle body on a 1976 CJ7 frame

V8 in front of Herby

On Subaru Frame

1968 Volkswagen Beetle Custom 4x4 Monster Mud Machine on boxed frame




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